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Top 4 Most Expensive DSLR Cameras

DSLR cameras have always caught our attention, especially if you are in the field of photography. Even if we are not into photography if we have a friend who has a DSLR we always want him to click our pictures. So, regardless of whether you are into photography, we have always loved the idea of DSLR. They are best professional cameras in the field, and if you are looking forward to clicking the best pictures, then all you need is a DSLR. Since they are known for the quality, they can be pretty expensive as well. So here are some of the most expensive DSLR cameras of the year.

Phase One XF 100MP Camera:

We haven’t gotten a proper list of the most expensive cameras of the year 2018. As of 2017 the best and the most expensive that you can buy as of 2017 it shall be the Phase one XF 100MP camera. The cost of the camera is roughly $50000 and also ranks the best when it comes to the quality as well. This has the best camera system ever and can simply spell magic in every click.

Hasselblad H5D – 200 C

The second most expensive camera on the list is Hasselblad H5D – 200 C. When it comes to CMOS, it is the first of its kind and has the best picture quality as well. Also Hasselblad H5D – 200 C has managed to gather the attention of the people by clicking the best still photography pictures. It also has the multi-shot capture technology and is simply the best in the market. You will have to spend about $45000 to make it yours.

Seitz 6*17 Panoramic Camera:

If you haven’t seen this before, then probably you must try this out once. The very look of the camera will stir the interest, and you will feel like owning one. The Seitz camera looks a little different from the cameras on the list. It is wide and little huge to carry. It also has grooves like things designed so that you can hold them well. It gives you the best digital experience and also the picture quality comes in an amazing 160 million pixels. It is definitely worth the price, and the cost of the camera is $43000.

Panoscan MK-3

Most of the cameras on the list are not just expensive but also a little different from the usual ones. The Panoscan that is here is also a panoramic camera and costs about $ 40000. The best part about his camera is that it can also shoot and give the best shot in low light conditions and that is why it is absolutely amazing, and people are actually going for it. It is also designed in such a way that it can click amazing pictures in dense forests too. It is the right choice for a super-rich wildlife photographer.

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